Patriots Head Coach Praises Patrick Chung’s Versatility on the Field

Patrick Chung pic

Patrick Chung

As the vice president of Heron Therapeutics in La Jolla, California, Erol Onel, MD, attends both national and international meetings to assist in the development of a clinical plan and strategy. When he is not working, Erol Onel follows the New England Patriots, his favorite football team.

During a recent news conference, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick stressed how important player Patrick Chung is to the team. Belichick said that without Chung, the team is “not ready,” and that they would have to take a different approach without the star player.

Praising Chung in respect to fellow Patriots Devin McCourtny and Duron Harmon, Belichick said the three hold “a lot of value,” and that while each is different, they have “good chemistry” and “work together well.”

Though Chung is primarily a safety, he has played everything from slot cornerback to linebacker for the team. Even more important than Chung’s versatility, says Belichick, is the player’s “high level” of it. Belichick went on to say that many players could “take up space” in multiple positions, but that Chung makes “huge plays.”