The Boston Red Sox Franchise Homerun Leaders

Ted Williams pic

Ted Williams

Drawing on over 17 years of experience in the medical field with specialized training in urology, Dr. Erol Onel serves as vice president of Heron Therapeutics, where he provides scientific leadership to its pain management division. Outside of his professional obligations, Dr. Erol Onel is an avid fan of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Boston Red Sox.

A storied franchise that has won eight world championships, the Red Sox boast an impressive alumni group. Ten players have hit over 200 homeruns while playing for the team. The top three Red Sox homerun leaders are:

1. Ted Williams – A two-time MVP and 19-time All Star, Williams hit 521 homeruns in 2,292 games for the Red Sox. He also leads the franchise in runs batted in (RBI) with 1,839.

2. David Ortiz – A native of the Dominican Republic, Ortiz played six seasons with the Minnesota Twins before joining the Red Sox in 2003. In 14 seasons with the team, “Big Papi,” as he is affectionately referred to among fans, hit 483 homeruns and recorded 1,530 RBI. He was named World Series MVP in 2013.

3. Carl Yastrzemski – An 18-time All Star and seven-time Gold Glove recipient, Yastrzemski played his entire 23-year career with the Red Sox. The New York native retired in 1983 with 452 homeruns and 1,844 RBI in 3,308 games.