Three Tips to Help Novice Pianists Learn to Play




Erol Onel, MD, previously served as the vice president for Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc., where he created launch strategies, study protocols, training materials, and development plans for the company. Outside of his professional life, Erol Onel is a multifaceted musician who plays a variety of instruments, including the piano.

If you are just starting out with piano or thinking of giving it a shot, these three tips will help you learn to play well.

1. Get a Teacher – The piano is a complex instrument that requires great dexterity and finely tuned motor skills. As a beginner, it is important that you do not develop any bad habits now that might stick with you for years, hampering your progress. A good piano teacher will help you practice correctly, while also teaching you what you need to be proficient on your own.

2. Play What You Like – Practice makes perfect, but if you are not motivated to practice, you will never improve. Focus on learning songs you like and want to play to keep your interest piqued.

3. Learn Music Theory – Music theory may seem intimidating now, but understanding the fundamentals behind what makes good music will help you make it yourself. Once you learn it, you will be able to play with greater freedom and versatility. Key areas of focus should include chords, note values, key signatures, and rests.