New Study Reveals How Cycling Affects Men

American Urological Association pic

American Urological Association

The vice president of Heron Therapeutics in California, Erol Onel provides scientific leadership to a team seeking approval for a long-acting non-opioid drug. Erol Onel belongs to numerous organizations, including the American Urological Association (AUA).

The AUA, an organization dedicated to advocating for the urology specialty, recently released the results of a study that examined how urinary functions and sexual health are affected by cycling. The study was presented at the organization’s annual meeting in May of 2017.

The study examined close to 4,000 men. Of these, 63 percent regularly cycled without swimming or running, while the other 37 percent swam or ran without cycling.

Based on the results of the study, cyclists did not experience a decrease in erectile function when compared to non-cyclists. Cyclists also did not experience more urinary tract symptoms and had a higher Sexual Health Inventory for Men (SHIM) score, on average, than their non-cycling counterparts. However, a higher percentage of cyclists did experience perineal numbness.

The Habits Talented Fencers Develop


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As a vice president of Heron Therapeutics, Dr. Erol Onel oversees the La Jolla, California-based company’s pain franchise. An alumnus of Williams College, Dr. Erol Onel was a founding member of the institution’s fencing team while studying there in the 1980s. The most talented fencers tend to develop a number of key habits that put them ahead of the pack, including the following.

1. A commitment to improving their physical abilities beyond basic fencing techniques. Fencing requires a surprising amount of athleticism and strong conditioning, which can make the difference when facing an equally skilled opponent.

2. A dedication to practicing the same stances and techniques repeatedly until they can be executed perfectly every time.

3. As a sport built on noble origins, respect for one’s self and all opponents set the best fencers apart.

4. Knowledge of the benefits of good nutrition, especially when combined with an exercise regimen, helps the best fencers to keep their bodies in peak condition.

Patriots Head Coach Praises Patrick Chung’s Versatility on the Field

Patrick Chung pic

Patrick Chung

As the vice president of Heron Therapeutics in La Jolla, California, Erol Onel, MD, attends both national and international meetings to assist in the development of a clinical plan and strategy. When he is not working, Erol Onel follows the New England Patriots, his favorite football team.

During a recent news conference, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick stressed how important player Patrick Chung is to the team. Belichick said that without Chung, the team is “not ready,” and that they would have to take a different approach without the star player.

Praising Chung in respect to fellow Patriots Devin McCourtny and Duron Harmon, Belichick said the three hold “a lot of value,” and that while each is different, they have “good chemistry” and “work together well.”

Though Chung is primarily a safety, he has played everything from slot cornerback to linebacker for the team. Even more important than Chung’s versatility, says Belichick, is the player’s “high level” of it. Belichick went on to say that many players could “take up space” in multiple positions, but that Chung makes “huge plays.”