9 Reasons Why Donating to Goodwill Is a Good Idea

goodwill logoWhether you have an overflowing closet or too many books, clutter around the home can become overwhelming. When it comes time to rid yourself of the things you no longer need or want, you have several options. You can host a yard sale, which can be a lot of work, or simply throw items in the trash, which is wasteful. A third—and better—option is to donate your items to Goodwill Industries. Here are nine reasons why donating to Goodwill is a good idea:


  1. Donating is an easy way to declutter your home.

Clutter has a way of sneaking up on you. Slowly but surely, all of the casual purchases you make over the years can lead to stuffed cupboards, messy drawers, overflowing playrooms, and sagging clothes racks. Purge yourself of the clutter by donating to Goodwill. In addition to clothing, Goodwill accepts a range of items, such as toys, books, games, electronics, jewelry, and housewares.


  1. Giving items a second life keeps them out of landfills.

Along with helping you maintain a cleaner home, donating to Goodwill keeps gently used items out of the nation’s landfills. While it may be tempting to simply toss your unwanted stuff in the trash, choosing to donate it instead reduces waste and lessens your overall impact on the environment. In 2018 alone, donations to local Goodwill organizations diverted over 4 billion pounds of usable goods from landfills and put them into the hands of new owners.



  1. Goodwill donations fund job training programs.

In communities across the country, people looking to donate unwanted items have their choice of many different thrift stores. When you choose to donate to Goodwill, however, you can feel good knowing that revenue from your donations is being used to fund programs that help people build skills, find jobs, and advance their careers. Each year, millions of people worldwide benefit from Goodwill’s employment programs and services.


  1. All donations are tax-deductible.

If you’re looking for a tax break, making a donation to Goodwill is a smart move. Those who choose to itemize deductions on their taxes may be able to deduct the value of their Goodwill donations from their overall tax obligation. To do this, however, it’s important to ask your donation attendant for a receipt when you drop the items off. Goodwill also offers a downloadable donation valuation guide to help you estimate the value of commonly donated items.


  1. Goodwill is a great resource for low-cost items.

Although Goodwill strives to get the most revenue from donated items, the organization also works to provide shoppers with quality products at affordable prices. By donating to Goodwill, you’re helping to provide an excellent resource for low-income members of your community who are looking to save on clothing, dishes, electronics, and many other items.


  1. You can set a good example by donating.

If you are a parent looking for ways to teach your children about the importance of giving, making a donation to Goodwill is a great way to do it. Set an example by donating your own items, but don’t forget to get your kids in on the action as well. When you ask your child to donate a few of their things to help others, they can experience the intrinsic value of giving. Not only that, but it also helps declutter their bedrooms and play areas, which is always a good thing.



  1. Donating electronics helps with the growing problem of e-waste.

In today’s tech-driven world, it seems that there’s always a new electronic gadget hitting the market. While it may be necessary to upgrade to a new phone or tablet once in a while, it’s important that you properly dispose of the devices you are no longer using. Fortunately, with the support of corporate partners such as Dell Technologies, Goodwill makes it easy to recycle used electronics. Over the years, Dell and Goodwill have worked together to keep millions of pounds of e-waste out of local landfills.


  1. It’s easy to donate to Goodwill.

One of the best things about donating to Goodwill is how easy it is. With a national network of more than 155 Goodwill organizations, it is very likely that you have at least one in your community or a nearby city. Donating is as simple as gathering and packing up your unwanted items and driving them to a donation center, where an attendant will help you with the rest of the process.


  1. Giving back feels good.

Regardless of your initial reason for donating to Goodwill, you can feel good knowing that you have done something to help your community. Every donation, big or small, goes to support Goodwill’s mission to strengthen communities by helping people reach their full potential. You can learn more about the personal impact of your donation by visiting



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