4 Ways That Businesses Support the Mission of Goodwill Industries

goodwill logoOver the course of its history spanning over 115 years, Goodwill Industries has leveraged the support of various partners to fulfill its mission and goals, which focus on strengthening communities while helping individuals to achieve their full potential. Today, the nonprofit social enterprise oversees job training and employment-placement services, education programs, and other community-based initiatives nationwide with the help of individual donors and volunteers, as well as businesses both large and small.

Companies and business leaders looking to engage with Goodwill Industries can become involved with the organization in various ways. Whether it involves making an occasional donation or hosting a partnership, any type of support makes it possible for Goodwill to continue its important mission. Here is a closer look at what businesses across the country are doing to assist Goodwill in its efforts to promote social good:


Donate Inventory

One of the easiest ways in which an individual or business can support Goodwill Industries is by donating items to a local Goodwill branch. Each year, the nonprofit uses the revenue that it generates from selling donated items to fund job-training programs and other services for millions of people in the United States and other communities around the globe. In 2018 alone, Goodwill programs and initiatives reached over 35 million people worldwide and provided focused career training and support services to more than 242,000 job seekers.

Goodwill accepts a wide variety of items from retailers, manufacturers, and product distributors looking to put surplus inventory to good use. Donating factory overruns, customer returns, and excess products left over from end-of-the-season sales not only helps to create jobs and support skill-building programs, but it also provides businesses with an easy and rewarding way to eliminate the costs involved in storing and handling unused merchandise.

In addition to accepting donations of surplus inventory, Goodwill encourages its business partners to engage employees and customers in one-time and recurring donation drives at its company’s various locations. The list of national and global brands that have hosted donation events and initiatives includes the online retailer Bon-Ton and the denim-focused clothing company Levi Strauss.



Invest in Job Training

Providing job training for those seeking meaningful careers has always been a major focus of Goodwill Industries’ mission. Businesses looking to support the nonprofit in this area can do so by funding existing programs or establishing new initiatives. With the help of its corporate partners, Goodwill oversees a variety of activities focused on employment readiness, career development, financial wellness, and the attainment of credentials.

Among the well-known corporations that are currently funding Goodwill initiatives are Walmart, Accenture, and InterContinental Hotels Group. These companies are providing financial support, digital skills training, and hospitality training, respectively. Other active Goodwill supporters include Bank of America and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


Hire Goodwill-Trained Employees

Along with investing in skill-building and job-training programs, companies can partner with Goodwill to provide jobs for those in need. Goodwill Industries is an excellent resource for businesses looking for qualified employees with a desire to undertake meaningful work. Companies and business recruiters can even connect with local Goodwill organizations for assistance in coordinating and hosting hiring events, job fairs, and employment open houses.

Every day, Goodwill and its partners provide opportunities for individuals facing various challenges. They include those with physical and mental disabilities, people who have formerly incarcerated, the elderly, military veterans, and individuals who have experienced homelessness and/or substance abuse. For a closer look at the human impact of Goodwill’s services, visit



Promote a Sustainable Workplace

As a nonprofit dedicated to reselling and recirculating donated items, Goodwill Industries cites sustainability as one of the core principles of its business model. In 2018, Goodwill organizations collectively diverted more than 4 billion pounds of usable goods from landfills, helping to create a less wasteful, more circular economy at the regional and national levels. Many environmentally conscious businesses are assisting in these efforts by collaborating with Goodwill in promoting zero-waste/sustainability goals and encouraging corporate social responsibility.

One of these businesses is Dell Technologies, which partners with Goodwill on the Dell Reconnect program. Launched in 2004, Dell Reconnect reduces e-waste by diverting computers and computer equipment such as monitors, keyboards, printers, and cables from municipal landfills. Instead of throwing these types of items into a dumpster, people can donate them to a local Goodwill, where they will be cleaned, tested, refurbished (if needed), and resold. Any items that cannot be resold will be properly recycled by Dell Reconnect.

Over the years, the program has kept more than 500 million pounds of used electronics out of the nation’s landfills, but the benefits of Dell Reconnect extend beyond the environment. For every donation received through the program, Goodwill offers 6.8 hours of training for each program participant. Dell Reconnect also provides consumers with computer products at an affordable price while raising awareness about the problems associated with e-waste.


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