A Look at the Latest News from Wounded Warrior Project

wounded warrior projectAs one of the nation’s most active and well-known military service organizations, Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) never stops working to improve the lives of military veterans and their families. Recently, WWP and its supporters have advanced a number of causes benefitting the military community. Read on for a closer look at some of the organization’s latest news and activities.


San Antonio Hosts WWP Carry Forward 5K

In early October, more than 2,000 WWP supporters gathered in San Antonio’s Mission County Park for the third WWP Carry Forward event of 2019. The 5K, which occurred on October 5, attracted volunteers from states as far away as Alabama. During the event, participants completed the 5K while carrying a flag, weights, or another person.

The number of runners who have collectively supported Carry Forward in 2019 so far exceeds 5,000, which includes the San Antonio participants. In addition to raising awareness of veteran issues, Carry Forward 5K events raise much-needed funds for a variety of programs and services benefitting military families.


Freedom Fest Raises Thousands for Wounded Veterans

Throughout the year, individuals and organizations nationwide host independent events to raise money for WWP’s work. One of the fastest-growing of these fundraisers is Freedom Fest, an event that takes place annually in Greenville, Virginia.

Hosted at Greenville’s Stoney Creek Resort and Campground, Freedom Fest was launched in 2016 by Dan Murray, Gloria Shephard, and Joe Murray. The event has grown over the years to attract thousands of participants for a weekend of activities that focus on honoring and supporting military veterans and their families.

The fourth annual Freedom Fest took place in October 2019. More than 4,000 people, many from hundreds of miles away, attended. The event raised over $67,000 for WWP programs and services, which are provided to veterans and military families free of charge.


Wounded Warrior Veterans Climb in Lake Tahoe

Recently, several veterans with PTSD accepted the challenge of climbing the 1,000-foot Tram Face in Lake Tahoe’s Squaw Valley. The climb was led by guides at Alpenglow Expeditions and was held as part of a WWP Project Odyssey mental health workshop.

A unique mental health program, Project Odyssey seeks to help veterans and their families recharge, rediscover, and re-engage through outdoor retreat activities and follow-up support. Retreat activities include challenges such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing.

The retreat in Lake Tahoe was a Project Odyssey couples activity, which focuses on helping veterans and their spouses to reconnect and build communication. The climb up Tram Face was one of several activities that couples took part in during the workshop. They also enjoyed a bike ride, yoga, and art activities. Following Project Odyssey retreats, WWP provides participants with three months of follow-up that is focused on goal setting and continued positive growth.


WWP Renews Support for Team Red, White & Blue and Other Groups

In addition to advancing its own programs and services, WWP provides ongoing support for a number of veteran and military service groups. In fact, since 2012, Wounded Warrior has provided over $85 million in grants to dozens of organizations. One of its longtime partners is Team Red White & Blue, which recently received a $250,000 WWP grant.

Announced in September 2019, the grant will support Team Red, White & Blue’s Chapter and Community Program. Through the program, the organization helps veterans to connect while taking part in physical and social activities. Team Red, White & Blue hosts thousands of activities each year, creating a nationwide network of active and socially engaged veterans.

Along with continuing its support of Team Red, White & Blue, WWP announced that it is providing grants to a number of additional organizations, as well. The list of partners includes Hiring Our Heroes, the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, among several others.


WWP Grant Boosts Funding for Research on Toxic Exposure

In its efforts to promote the health and well-being of men and women who have served in combat, WWP raises awareness and funds for research on veteran-related illnesses and conditions. While much of this work is focused on PTSD and traumatic brain injury, the organization also advocates for veterans who have been affected by toxic exposure, an issue that ranks among WWP’s top legislative priorities.

To further advance this issue, WWP recently provided a $195,000 grant to support a collaborative partnership between the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, the Veterans Health Council, and Vietnam Veterans of America. The partnership is focused on increasing public education and awareness of toxic exposure through various activities. The partnership also aims to increase research on toxic exposure and boost the number of organizations, veterans, and stakeholders that are advocating for the issue.

In the area of toxic exposure, WWP is also encouraging veterans of conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and Southwest Asia to register for the VA Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry. Launched in 2014, the registry is being used by the VA to measure and raise awareness of health issues among veterans deployed to areas where burn pits were used.


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