Goodwill Receives over $4 Million in Grants from DOL



Erol Onel, the vice president of Heron Therapeutics, has a strong track record of success with international regulatory authorities and various divisions of the FDA. Committed to helping others outside of the medical realm, Erol Onel supports organizations such as Goodwill Industries International, which has been providing employment and job training services since 1902.

In October 2017, Goodwill Industries received a $4.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. Over a period of three years, the department will administer funds to five community-based Goodwill organizations, in Austin, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Louisville, Kentucky; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Little Rock, Arkansas, for the purpose of improving employment options for adults who are reentering society following incarceration.

Together, these community organizations have committed over $1.6 million worth of resources to provide training and education to 575 adults. These resources include assessment costs, staff time, and business development services and represent 36 percent of the total grant.

In addition, the Department of Labor granted over $1 million to Goodwill organizations in Greenville, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, as part of its Reentry Project. This grant program supports the improvement of research-based services that help participants in communities with high crime and poverty rates to find better employment opportunities.

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