The Three Steps for Donating to Goodwill

Donating to Goodwill  pic

Donating to Goodwill

The vice president of Heron Therapeutics, Erol Onel serves as a pharmaceutical researcher who works alongside his team to create new drugs. Beyond his work, Erol Onel is a community-conscious individual who regularly donates to Goodwill, which operates throughout the United States featuring donated items. If you wish to donate to Goodwill, follow these three steps:

1. Gather your items – Collect items you no longer use, such as old clothes and toys, and ask your family members if they have anything they no longer need or use.

2. Examine the items – Check to see if any of your collected items show signs of damage, such as tears or missing parts. Further, check the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ensure your items don’t appear on recall or banned lists, as Goodwill cannot accept such items. You should also ensure your items meet modern safety standards.

3. Dropping off – Visit to locate your nearest donation site. Goodwill also operates collections in some areas for those donating lots of items.

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