The Habits Talented Fencers Develop


Fencing pic


As a vice president of Heron Therapeutics, Dr. Erol Onel oversees the La Jolla, California-based company’s pain franchise. An alumnus of Williams College, Dr. Erol Onel was a founding member of the institution’s fencing team while studying there in the 1980s. The most talented fencers tend to develop a number of key habits that put them ahead of the pack, including the following.

1. A commitment to improving their physical abilities beyond basic fencing techniques. Fencing requires a surprising amount of athleticism and strong conditioning, which can make the difference when facing an equally skilled opponent.

2. A dedication to practicing the same stances and techniques repeatedly until they can be executed perfectly every time.

3. As a sport built on noble origins, respect for one’s self and all opponents set the best fencers apart.

4. Knowledge of the benefits of good nutrition, especially when combined with an exercise regimen, helps the best fencers to keep their bodies in peak condition.


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