The American Society of Andrology 2016 Annual Conference

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American Society of Andrology

Serving as vice president of Heron Therapeutics since April, 2016, Erol Onel is a physician and medical business professional with more than two decades of experience. Erol Onel has been a member of the American Society of Andrology (ASA) since 1999, and is a former committee chair for the organization.

Founded in 1975, the ASA is host to more than 600 members around the world, whose specialties range from urology to biochemistry and animal science. The society supports research into male reproduction, and promotes scientific comprehension of this field.

Each year, the ASA Annual Conference takes place in a select North American city. The 2016 meeting was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, in early April. The five-day event, Old Dogmas, New Ideas: The Changing Landscape in Andrology, offered attendees numerous lectures on topics such as The Role of the Urologist in the Era of IVF, and Exploring the Genetic and Genomic Basis of Male Reproductive Defects, as well as workshops, symposiums, and receptions.

The 2017 installment of the ASA Annual Conference, which marks the 42nd year of the event, will take place in late April, in Miami, Florida.


Teaching Children About Heart Health and Cholesterol

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American Heart Association

Erol Onel serves as the vice president of Heron Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company in La Jolla, California. Prior to his recent appointment, Erol Onel lent his more than 20 years of clinical and academic experience to three additional pharmaceutical corporations, and served as an assistant professor of urology for the New England Medical Center at Tufts University. Dr. Onel is a supporter of various charities, including the American Heart Association.

The American Heart Association’s website offers visitors a range of informative articles on heart health and recognizing signs of distress. An entire resource section is dedicated to keeping children healthy, and includes information on smoking, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol.

The kid-friendly information on cholesterol levels explains that some people are unaware that they have high cholesterol (a waxy compound found in the tissues of the body). Too much cholesterol can build up along the artery walls, leading to heart disease and/or stroke.

Children can monitor their own cholesterol levels and heart health by asking their parents if these conditions run in their family, and encouraging selection of foods low in trans and saturated fats. If a child’s family is prone to heart disease, a doctor may recommend a test that measures cholesterol and determines how easily fats are circulating through the blood.

Women in Andrology (WIA) Recognizes Women’s Contributions

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American Society of Andrology


A graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Erol Onel spent more than seven years as the vice president of clinical research and medical information for Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He currently serves as vice president of Heron Therapeutics, working as part of a team committed to securing approval for a long-acting non-opioid drug. Additionally, Dr. Erol Onel has served on the board of directors and chaired the annual meeting for the American Society of Andrology.

Established in 1975, the American Society of Andrology (ASA) comprises 600 professionals in the field of male reproduction, gynecology/obstetrics, urology, and reproductive technologies. The organization’s Women in Andrology (WIA) division focuses specifically on contributions women have made to the field, and strives to support women ASA members through mentoring and networking. To that end, WIA hosts an annual luncheon that honors various members with awards and recognition, as well as announcing significant achievements in the field of andrology. The luncheon also includes presentations on career development and scientific topics.